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Hiking in Norway

15 Aug , 2015  

Expiriencing a Norway nature by feet with tent and yum-yum-soup:)

We decided to go somewhere for a short trip. We got a tent, some yum-yum, good shoes and a gas cooker but where should we go? Well we went to the north of Denmark… because trains tickets were so incredible cheap (for a spontaneous trip) so we just coudn`t ignore this fact. So we went as far as we could go by train. in the morning we were enjoying incredible tasty fresh backed cinnamon buns in Hirtshals and planning where do we want to go next. On the shoreline we got an advice from a other traveller – if we have a week and don`t have a plan, it would be better for us to go to Norway. Since an “everyman right” is fully established there it would be easier for us to keep moving without any plan.


There are two companies that can take you over the sea from Hirtshals to Kristiansand – ColorLine and Fjordline. Colorline is much more expensive, so we desided to take Fjordline ferry – a big catamaran. Very soon we realized why ticket prices were so different. Catamaran of Fjordline was so lightweight, that we could feel every wave… and on this day see was very very wavy.  We got lucky enough to get a tickets on the upper — of the ship (inclusive breakfest). On the lower — you could smell the gasolin, like if you would stuck your nose in the exhaust pipe of an old car.  It was a very long and funny trip – first gave up the lower — When we desided to take a little walk to get a fresh air, we had to walk very carefully to avoid vomit spots; well, and of course we there were no fresh air for us. When the waves became higher and stronger, there were no relief anymore, even on the upper part of the ship. We never saw so many vomiting people in one place. There was no way to enjoy the breakfest.

To feel the ground of Kristiansand was unforgetable…

From Kristiansand we just walked using “Opne Maps bla” on our cellphone. By day 5 our handy crushed on the stones and we kept our trip without this usefull feature. Anyway we did some walking under the rain, some under the sun and we liked bouth a lot.

After two days of neverending raining we decided to take a hotel room for one night (yes, we are not that hard balls hiker:) We stayed in a hotel in small city called Flekkefjored. Our plan would be to take a train from Flekkefjord back to Kristiansand, spend one more night in Norway and one night in Denmark and go back to Hamburg. It was a good plan – the only problem – there was no Trainstartion in Flekkefjord – only an old railway .. and an draisine renting:) So we rent a draisine and made 17 km of our trip by draisine, riding along Lundevatn lake.  We like it a lot.  Especially because we didn`t have to bring our draisine back to Flekkefjord, but we could just live it in Sira. After one night in Sira on the river shore, we took a train to Kristiansand.

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