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Space… the final frontier

20 Mar , 2017   Gallery

Have you ever dreamt of going to space?! At least as a child you did. Unfortunately we didn’t quite make it to space ~100km quite yet – but at >22km we (our balloon that is) have been higher than at least 99.99% of you out there. Commercial airplanes fly at 8.5km to 10.7km to give you something …read more


Sparkle Fischer Fish

31 Mar , 2016   Gallery

It seems like making a lamps become our passion. The idea of this lamp was inspired by the deep sea anglerfish combined with a sundrop crystal. First wedraw it on a paper , cutted it out and got a little tiny prototopy. Than design in 3D to cutted it out later with a laser cutter. …read more


Ostrich Egg Lamp

27 Mar , 2016   Gallery

To make some holes in an egg doesn’t sound too hard – but surprisingly an ostrich egg is a lot more robust than you’d expect. It is an “interesting” material to work with. The calcified eggshell is about 3mm thick. It is very hard,  astonishingly stable and it has a nice polished surface with small indents. When cutting the …read more


Vintage Bike Lights Lamp

10 Mar , 2016   Gallery

A friend of mine asked me some time ago (ages) to help him build a lamp made aut of old bicycle lights – especially the electrical part. So when I next saw him and asked to schedule some get together he didn’t seem to interested anymore and handed me a shopping bag full of vintage …read more



2 Apr , 2013   Gallery